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Stair Climbers

Lifts NQ provides indoor, outdoor and curved stair climbers for domestic & light commercial use. Only offering the highest quality stair climbers with strict safety features such as safety cut out sensors and dual electronic and mechanical braking systems.

Our Products


Straight Stairclimbers


Many Australian homes either have steps up to the front door or have an internal stairs. Our stairclimbers enable you to get out and about in comfort and safety.  Our outdoor stairclimbers are a specially designed weather-proofed and protected stairclimber.


Our stairclimber works equally well on outdoor steps around the garden - ideal for that sloping block, giving you access to those outdoor spaces you once loved and have lately had limited access.


Our Outdoor stairclimber comes with all the features and options that can be found on our straight model, for extra protection it comes with a weather resistant outdoor cover.


  • Installed to the steps, so no walls or special structure needed
  • Folds out of the way when not in use, with a cover supplied for outdoor stairclimbers
  • Fast installation times
  • Affordable and reliable and simple to use
  • 12-month manufacturers warranty
  • Narrow stairs and reduced mobility seat options available


Curved Stairclimbers


Designed from the ground-up for any curved staircase offering a comfortable and reliable ride. Advanced self-levelling carriage moves along the modular rail system coming to a soft stop with ease.


Sleek and smooth, the modern rail system is unique to this stairclimber installed quickly with no mess. The modular rail system means no waiting to have an expensive custom rail made for your home - we have all of the parts in stock here in Australia. Efficient battery power means low running costs, and the stairclimber even operates through a power cut. The footrest, seat & arms fold away neatly when not in use.


  • Fast installation times
  • Stairclimber fixes to the stairs so no structural changes to your home
  • Affordable, reliable and very easy to use
  • 12-month full warranty

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